Why are IT skills key for mortgage advisors?

Practicing as a mortgage advisor or broker can be an incredibly rewarding career that involves helping others take big steps on the property ladder and earning yourself an equitable salary and professional reputation.

To succeed as a mortgage advisor here in the UK, you must be qualified, with appropriate certification to practice giving guidance to homebuyers. The CeMAP training course is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an accepted qualification for advisors.

In the following sections, we’ll take a closer look at why information technology (IT) skills are essential for mortgage brokers to be successful in their new career. While students will come across many elements of IT on a CeMAP study course, would-be advisors will be interested to learn that these are skills they can start picking up before they enrol in courses and must continue to develop and hone even after they are practicing.

Mortgage advisors and IT

The modern world of practicing mortgage advice has seen an increased dependence on technology. For this reason, IT skills are now critical to practice as a broker. Researching available mortgage products on the market to present to clients using web browsers and search tools, communicating via innovative platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, updating customers through online portals and completing application forms electronically are just some of the tasks advisors must be competent in.

Expanding your skillset to serve

Like the mortgage market and the legislation that governs it, technology never rests and is constantly evolving. For this reason, while it’s a wise idea to get some basic skills under your belt before you begin, it shouldn’t end there. Once you’re operating as a mortgage advisor who is CeMAP qualified, you must continue to keep studying so you can use the latest technology available to help your clients.

By adopting the most state-of-the art solutions available, you can streamline the mortgage application and acquisition process. This improves the experience for those you serve, saving them time and ensuring you remain competitive as a broker whose skills are always current.

What can a CeMAP training company do for you?

At Beacon Financial Training, we offer comprehensive CeMAP study courses that teach candidates the vital skills they require, delivered in a cutting-edge format. While our training courses adhere to the latest CeMAP syllabus, we are a forward-thinking firm and offer the most cutting-edge options when it comes to learning. From end of certificate exams completed electronically online to home study courses and supporting materials that allow students to participate and become qualified via the internet, we take a pride in moving with the times.

We also offer classroom-style courses for those who prefer face-to face learning, but whatever solution you choose to complete your CeMAP leaning with, you’ll find our courses come complete with professional tutoring. Taught by expert instructors, you’ll learn a wide range of skills from explaining complex financial terminology and mortgage products to managing a homebuyer’s expectations and assisting with applications.

Contact us today to discuss which type of course best suits your individual needs.


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