A guide to studying CeMAP at home

The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice, or CeMAP for short, is the premier qualification for those who wish to become a qualified mortgage advisor. Comprehensive courses are available across the UK where students attend dedicated training centres in major cities. Course candidates receive expert instruction from professional tutors and gain the knowledge, skills and certification they require to perform their role, in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCAs) regulations. However, other options exist to complete a CeMAP qualification besides classroom courses.

Professional training companies also provide online CeMAP study courses that allow students to become certified while learning from home. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into studying CeMAP remotely online. Read on to find out if this course type is suitable for you, what’s included and to understand the advantages of studying CeMAP at home.

Who are CeMAP online courses useful for?

While those who live in cities and on their outskirts have no trouble attending a training centre, people living further afield may find a classroom course logistically challenging. Learning online from home avoids the need for commuting or arranging accommodation while receiving an education, making it a sound choice for those living in rural or remote areas.

Not everyone has an abundance of free time to study. People trying to switch lanes on their career path by becoming a broker must often hold down another job in the interim and may find it hard to get time off work to study. Additionally, individuals with existing commitments like younger children or elderly relatives may also find being away from home for many hours impractical.

Fortunately, with an online study course, students can fit their CeMAP learning around their work or family commitments with ease.

What is included on a home CeMAP training course?

Home learning courses are designed to deliver the same exceptional level of education that a classroom option offers. As a result, students will enjoy around-the-clock access to a dedicated training portal online for 12 months, giving them plenty of time to complete their studies while working when it is convenient for them. Every topic of the course and its units are accompanied by clear and easy-to-understand training content that is delivered via videos that can be view via a portal.

Home students also get access to the same excellent training materials. This includes full access to previous exam papers to provide plenty of practice, and every topic comes with CeMAP mini tests derived from real sample exam questions.

On top of these resources, students undertaking an online course enjoy the same level of instructor support as classroom candidates. Consequently, they can contact their tutor for expert advice and assistance via email or telephone when necessary.

What are the benefits of studying CeMAP from home?

As mentioned, CeMAP home study courses are taught by qualified tutors with a passion for their subject. Unlike learning in a classroom scenario, students have one-on-one access to their instructor. This level of expertise can also be found in the video content supplied by home study solutions. To ensure candidates enjoy a virtual classroom experience, video content is taught by a leading CeMAP trainer equipped with more than 15 years of training experience in CeMAP. As a result, instructors explain in detail all the information and concepts that candidates must understand to pass their final CeMAP exam.

By studying CeMAP from home, students can learn whenever they wish with 24/7 access and no fixed lesson times or course dates. Another benefit of learning on video rather than in a classroom is that training sessions can be rewound and repeated or paused whenever required. This can be an exceptionally beneficial tool for reinforcement that facilitates a high pass rate.

Finally, would-be brokers on a budget will find that a CeMAP study course can be a more economic option than a traditional course. While courses themselves are substantially less expensive, students can also avoid the cost of travelling to and from a training centre.

Experts in online CeMAP courses

At Beacon Financial Training, we have extensive experience of providing high-quality CeMAP study courses. We offer online options that allow you to complete your studies from home, conveniently and cost effectively. However, we also understand that different candidates learn best in different environments. While some people find learning from home a more productive option, others enjoy the presence of peers and the camaraderie of a classroom to excel. As a result, we offer a wide range of option to suit all students.

Whether you are looking to learn from home with an online or webinar course or are looking for traditional classroom training, you can count on us. Get in touch with our dedicated team today to explore the options available to you, or, if the above information interests you, to book a home study course today.


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