Advisor recruitment drive planned by Trussle

Mortgage broker Trussle is planning to embark on a major advisor recruitment drive during the next 12 months, which will see it bring in a further 1,000 mortgage advisors.

This represents part of a wider expansion plan for the company, which is aiming to grow fast. The first stage will see it recruit an extra 100 advisors between now and the end of this year, which Trussle is stating will help it to make the experience of customers better.

This announcement by indicates that the company intends to move in the same direction as Better, a digital mortgage broker based in the United States. Better acquired Trussle during the summer, and it is a firm that has been growing rapidly, hiring 7,000 more people to work for it in 2020 alone.

Mortgage advisors who have reached at the top end of the scale at Trussle are able to make more than £100,000 a year, while also benefiting from continuous development and training and mental health support. All this will make it an appealing prospect for many advisors.

Speaking to Mortgage Strategy, Ian Larkin, the company’s Chief Executive, stated that:

“Our ambition is to expand strategically and swiftly, replicating Better’s model of growth and steadfast commitment to making homeownership more simple, fair and accessible for all.”

For many prospective advisors, doing a CeMAP training course is a route to employment with a company such as this, where they can benefit from access to the latest training, employee benefits and the chance to earn a healthy salary.



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