Advisors confident about business prospects according to study

A new piece of research shows that the overwhelming majority of mortgage advisors in the UK are feeling positive about their business prospects looking ahead.

This study was the work of the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA). The results show that 96% of UK advisors are feeling optimistic about the future chances for their businesses. This represents an increase on the already-high figure of 93% who felt that way when the last research was carried out during the spring.

Those feelings of optimism among advisors extend to the mortgage industry as a whole too. 75% of the advisors who participated in the study told IMLA that they felt positive about its future.

Among the factors that these high levels of positivity are being attributed to are the multiple crises during the past few years, such as rising living costs and rates plus the Covid-19 pandemic. Because advisors were able to make it through these they have developed a firm belief in their abilities and the importance of mortgage advice to the general public.

An advisor for JB Mortgages, James Bull, told Mortgage Solutions that:

“Looking forward to the future we are investing in our website and are hoping to have it generating enough leads for us to recruit additional advisors in 2024. So overall we are cautiously confident and are hoping to expand next year.”

These are the kinds of results that will keep demand high for CeMAP courses in the North West and other parts of the country.


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