Advisors sought by Just Mortgages for digital agencies

Top network Just Mortgages has announced that it will be looking to recruit a number of mortgage advisors as it prepares to launch a brand-new online venture.

The network is teaming up with the estate agents firm Spicerhaart to create virtual estate agencies. As part of this, it will be seeking to hire around 90 new mortgage advisors who will be based throughout the country and will do their jobs from their own homes, instead of attending an office.

These advisors will get leads on mortgage loans just as they would if they were working in the traditional way, and each of them will be responsible for two or three of the virtual estate agencies.

All of the advisors who take on these roles will become Just Mortgages employees, but the network has indicated that it will also be hiring freelance advisors to work for the estate agencies at a later date, via its self-employed division. Just Mortgages is stating that these digital agencies were already in the pipeline, but have been fast-tracked because of the COVID-19 virus, and that they will offer mortgage advisors the opportunity to expand their reach while staying safe.

Customers will have the choice of speaking to the advisors by phone or in person, and those advisors already working for Just Mortgages will not be impacted by the changes unless they choose to apply for the new roles.

This sounds like an interesting opportunity for any advisor who has completed a CeMAP training course and is fully qualified.


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