Why Attend a residential CeMAP Training Course

One of the problems for many people who attend a CeMAP training course is having to juggle the intense demands of the CeMAP training course with your normal everyday home life, with spouses/partners/children all potentially requiring your attention.

Many people find this issue a difficult issue to deal with and therefore if you are in this position, one alternative is to attend one of our ‘residential courses’ that we offer. What this entails is the individual attending the course that we run at a homeland also stay at the hotel. As our courses normally run for 5 days, we can include as part of the overall cost either 4 or 5 days overnight accommodation at the hotel.

The advantages of this are fairly obvious – you can spend the evening after the end of the course relaxing in the hotel, enjoy a meal at the hotel or take a short walk into the city centre. You can then if you wish to spend extra time revising the content that was taught that day in the comfort of your own room without having to worry about preparing meals, getting the kids to bed etc.

We are also offering this for a discounted price of £750 inclusive of VAT to include the 5 day training course and also 5 nights stay at the hotel. You would need to give us at least one months notice prior to course commencement so we can guarantee your room at the price we need to.

This offer may also appeal to people who don’t necessarily need accommodation, they may actually be local to the venue but who also see the benefits of spending time away from the loved ones in order to give them a better chance of getting CeMAP qualified.

If you would like to discuss this offer in more detail, please contact us on 01704 898538 or [email protected]



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