Bath Building Society moves into Scottish mortgage market

The Bath Building Society has announced that it is expanding into the Scottish mortgage market, providing its slate of loan offers throughout Scotland’s mainland.

This includes all of the various residential mortgage loans that the company offers to borrowers who are based in England and Wales, but the building society has gone beyond its basic slate in a bid to capture a slice of the action in Scotland. It has also decided to make many of the more specialist types of mortgage loans that it has, some of which have won it awards in the past, available to borrowers in Scotland.

Among these are the Parent Assisted Mortgages, Rent a Room, and Buy for Uni loans that were created to enable young people hoping to take their first steps into the housing market to buy a property. The holiday let and buy-to-let mortgage deals that the building society provides for people who are looking to buy property as an investment are part of its new Scottish offer as well.

Speaking to Mortgage Finance Gazette, the head of mortgages at Bath BS, Steve Matthews, stated:

“Those that know the society, will know that we are passionate about giving customers a special experience that may not be available elsewhere.”

He also said that Bath BS was delighted to be providing its loans to those in Scotland who want to buy a home.

This news will be of interest to mortgage advisors in Scotland who have completed a CeMap course, as they will need to keep their knowledge of lenders in the area up to date.



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