Become a mortgage advisor in 2010

As New Year’s Day approaches, many of us turn our thoughts to what we want from the year ahead and some of us even solidify our goals into New Year’s resolutions. A career change or progression within our career is often high on the agenda, so what would a CeMAP qualification do for you?

CeMAP stands for Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice; this qualification is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and recognised as the industry standard that every mortgage advisor must hold in order to provide mortgage-related advice.

For those looking to become a mortgage advisor, studying for and getting your CeMAP qualification is the first, important step.

For those already in the financial sector or looking to get into a financial role, the CeMAP qualification can still be very useful. If your company will pay for you to take your CeMAP exam, then you will need a reputable training provider to help with your CeMAP training with a high pass rate. If however you need to put yourself through the training then you also need a training provider with CeMAP training at affordable prices.

Taking your CeMAP shows you have initiative, that you are willing and able to learn and many companies in the financial or financial-related sectors appreciate the CeMAP or CeFA exams because to pass these exams shows that you understand the need for compliance with the FSA and its regulations.

At Beacon Financial Training, we offer CeMAP training, CeFA training and for those who already have their CeMAP and want to look at equity-release products we also offer CeRER training courses – all at affordable prices with a 90% first time pass rate.



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