How to become a successful mortgage advisor after CeMAP training

After you finish your course and gain your CeMAP certificate, you are qualified for a career as a mortgage advisor. Being a successful in the career, however, requires more than just the knowledge learned in CeMAP training.

Hard work

A mortgage advisor’s job is not easy. Over the course of a week, the advisor will see many clients, and will need to have knowledge of hundreds of mortgage products. They must also must keep up to date with new products that are launched., which can mean many hours of ongoing training.

The successful mortgage advisor needs to be able to work hard under pressure. He or she has to be flexible about working hours, as many clients will want to meet in the evening or weekends.

Communication skills

A key factor in the success of a mortgage advisor is communication. The advisor may have an extensive knowledge of the mortgage market gained through CeMAP training and ongoing training, but if he or she cannot clearly communicate and explain the available mortgage deals to the clients, the advisor will not be successful.

Some mortgage advisors see themselves as salespeople, but high-pressure sales techniques are not needed. Most clients have already decided that they need a mortgage, so it is the mortgage advisor’s job to explain the best available offers that meet their clients’ individual needs.

Good communication means being a good listener and asking the right questions to build up a financial profile of the client.

A broker also needs to be patient when communicating. For first-time homebuyers, this will be their first experience of the mortgage process. There may be many aspects of mortgage deals that they do not understand at first, so the mortgage brokers need to carefully explain all the aspects of a mortgage deal and answer every question asked by his clients.

Eye for detail

Arranging a mortgage is a complex process with lots of paperwork and legal processes, and small mistakes in the documentation can have very bad results. This is why the mortgage advisor needs to pay attention to details, checking and double checking every part of the mortgage application process.


With hundreds of mortgage products available, the mortgage broker needs to cultivate numerous contacts within the financial industry. By developing relationships with lenders, the advisor can often find the best deals. The mortgage advisor is the mediator between the lender and the borrower, so must find deals that are good for both of these parties.

Fun and rewarding

Although the role of mortgage advisor is hard work and by no means an easy job, for the right personality type it can come with plenty of rewards and all-round satisfaction. Career prospects are good, with senior mortgage advisors earning a good salary and bonuses for hitting performance targets.

If you have the type of personality that makes a successful mortgage advisor, your first step is to enroll in a Beacon Financial Training CeMAP course.


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