Bridging Finance Solutions set to achieve growth of 25%

Mortgage lender Bridging Finance Solutions (BFS) has announced that it is set to achieve its 25% growth target again this year, marking a fifth year in a row that this has happened.

This percentage represents the level of growth across its entire operation and is at least partly attributable to the healthy number of mortgage deals that it has managed to conclude during 2019. BFS has managed to sell more than 40% of mortgages in northern areas such as Liverpool and Manchester, but has also seen an improved percentage of sales in the south east and midlands, as well as in Wales.

Furthermore, the company has sealed a far higher number of bridging loans and development finance deals during the year, further contributing to its overall growth. Speaking to Mortgage Introducer, its managing director Steve Barber said that he was delighted that the company had reached its growth target for the year again, before going on to add:

“We have a very clear strategy in place and continue to invest in the business, our resources, infrastructure and people to ensure we are able to meet our objectives.”

The evidence of this is new hires in 2019 that include a mortgage loan underwriter and two additional employees to manage the future development of the business.

Mortgage advisors who have completed full CeMAP training in the north west or any other part of the UK are vital to a lender that is seeking to seal mortgage deals and expand their business.



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