Buckinghamshire BS announces divisions for mortgage advisors

Buckinghamshire Building Society (BS) has announced that it will be dividing all of the mortgage advisors that it works with into three different categories, which will be based on the type and the amount of business they attract.

The new divisions that advisors will be split into are being called Silver, Gold and Platinum. Those ranked as Platinum Partners are set to be rewarded with focused access to underwriters and account managers, in addition to getting VIP decisions in principle (DIPs). They will also be invited to special Buckinghamshire BS events and receive exclusive products and offers.

However, the lender has indicated that it will collaborate with those advisors who fall into the Silver and Gold categories too, with the aim of assisting them to complete cases and advance towards the Platinum category in the future.

Buckinghamshire BS Head of Sales, Claire Askham, told Financial Reporter that setting up this particular business model was something that she had been keen to achieve since arriving at the company two years ago, and that she was delighted to see it happening at last. She then went on to say that:

“By understanding more about who are brokers are, the type of cases they bring to us as a Society and what their needs are, opens up a conversation and enables us to respond to those needs in terms of service offering and product development.”

A lot of mortgage advisors choose to join big networks after finishing CeMAP courses because they offer them the chance to improve and move their careers forward.


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