Burrow now allowing advisors to e-sign

Digital mortgage platform Burrow has announced that mortgage advisors using it will now be able to access an e-signature feature, making document signing more convenient.

This feature will enable them to sign any documents involved in the mortgage application process online, and from any location in the world. Burrow has added it to its platform so that delays in the process of applying for a mortgage can be reduced and so that advisors are less dependent on paper documents when applying on behalf of a client.

The identity of anyone signing using the e-sign function will be ascertained via time stamps and data establishing their location, making sure that the feature is completely secure to use. It will also store digital receipts for Initial Disclosure Documents and other especially sensitive files, adding a further layer of security.

Burrow founder Pradeep Raman told Mortgage Introducer that administrative issues often lead to hold-ups during the process of applying for mortgages, citing inability to make it to meetings and restricted access to printers as two examples of this.

He then went on to state that:

“E-signatures overcome these barriers and make the application process fast and easy. Following on from the pandemic, people are ready to embrace technology and use it to improve the overall mortgage process.”

With more trainee advisors now doing online CeMAP courses and then utilising tech regularly after qualifying, it is true that it is being embraced more, and this sort of feature that saves time and inconvenience is the kind of tech needed.


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