CeMAP course – the first step to becoming an experienced mortgage advisor

To become a good mortgage advisor requires two steps, and the first is to obtain a Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP). You cannot become a mortgage advisor without this qualification.

Step 1: The CeMAP exam

A CeMAP course prepares you for the later CeMAP exams, of which there are three. The first exam has 50 multiple choice questions about regulations and how they apply to mortgages. There are also questions about how regulations affect tax, investments pensions, money laundering, and data protection.

Exam 2 is about mortgages and exam 3 is concerned with mortgage advice knowledge. As these two exams cover similar subjects, they are normally studied together on a CeMAP course.

Although a CeMAP course covers a lot of material, students can be ready for the exam in a matter of weeks. At Beacon Financial Training, you can study all three CeMAP modules over two five-day intensive courses.

Step 2: Learning on the job

After obtaining a CeMAP certificate, you can apply for a job as a mortgage advisor. Your first job will probably be a junior position, and although you are fully qualified, there is a lot to do as a mortgage advisor that at first may appear daunting. To become a good mortgage advisor requires experience, so you’ll need to learn on the job.

There are a number of essential skills that a mortgage advisor needs to develop and master as they work, such as:

Communication skills

A mortgage advisor conducts face-to-face interviews with people who want a mortgage to buy a home. This requires excellent communication skills and the ability to clearly explain complex mortgage products.

The mortgage advisor needs to be a good listener too, to understand the client’s needs.

After the initial interview, there may be follow-up client discussions usually by telephone. The mortgage advisor will remain the primary contact for the borrower throughout the mortgage application process.

Attention to detail

The mortgage advisor’s job is to make sure that the mortgage application proceeds smoothly. There is a lot of paperwork involved in processing a mortgage, and the mortgage advisor needs to accurately prepare and check documents. This requires attention to detail, as a small mistake can have serious repercussions.


Enthusiasm is a skill, but it is more of an attitude. As a mortgage advisor, you need to have a passion for helping people. The advisor needs enthusiasm to help their clients find the best mortgage deal. Completing a successful mortgage application is rewarding – it’s a great feeling to know that you have helped someone buy their dream home.

Up for a challenge

The job of mortgage advisor is not easy and requires a lot of hard work. It’s a challenging job, but a rewarding one in terms of both job satisfaction and financial remuneration.

To start the first step of studying for the CeMAP exam, enrol on a CeMAP training course with Beacon Financial Training. You can take a classroom-based intensive course, or study at home with an online course.



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