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CeMAP training in Manchester – the right career in the right place

A CeMAP training course in Manchester is the first step towards a new rewarding career as a mortgage advisor. After all, the Manchester property market is booming with many people wanting mortgages to purchase homes. An advisor helps individuals and couples find the best mortgage products suitable for their individual circumstances.

The growth of the Manchester property market

The Hometrack index of property prices found that in June 2018, Manchester had the largest property price growth of the UK’s 20 largest cities. It is predicted that Manchester house prices will rise by around 25% over the next three years.

The population of Manchester is expanding, and the property market cannot keep up with the demand for homes. With so much property activity, mortgage advisors in Manchester are certainly kept busy. If you would like to join them, you first need to obtain the CeMAP qualification.

The best way to do this is to attend CeMAP training in Manchester with Beacon Financial Training. This is a two-part intensive course that takes place over two five-day periods.

Local mortgage advisors

When providing a mortgage advice service, it helps to have local knowledge of the property market. Advisors who are familiar with the Manchester area will be able to advise their clients on school catchment areas and other local issues. To be employed as a Manchester mortgage advisor, it’s useful to be familiar with the various districts of Manchester. CeMAP training in Manchester is not specific to the city, it teaches you the skills and knowledge needed to be a mortgage advisor anywhere in England, but Manchester employers prefer that you have good local knowledge. If you are not familiar with Manchester, do some research and get a feel for the city before you apply for a mortgage advisor job in the region.

Advising Manchester homebuyers

There is a diverse range of people who want finance for home purchases. Manchester has a high student population and many of them want to live and work in the city after they graduate. Manchester is the home of many high-tech businesses that employ young people who like to live as close to the city centre as possible. Meanwhile, older people who have lived in Manchester a long time often want to downsize to smaller homes after they retire.

CeMAP training in Manchester helps future mortgage advisors to understand the various mortgage types so that they are able to match the most suitable mortgage to their clients’ individual financial situations and age ranges. The course also teaches all about remortgaging – a popular option to raise funds for home improvements.

Buying a home and moving can be very stressful, but a good mortgage advisor can clearly explain the financial options and reduce the stress of applying for and obtaining a loan.

If you want to work in this exciting city, book on Beacon Financial CeMAP training in Manchester. We will teach you everything you need to know to pass the CeMAP exams.



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