CeMAP training in Manchester – the first step to a rewarding career

In Manchester and the North West, there is a high demand for residential property, which means that many people are looking for a mortgage to buy a home. Students who take CeMAP training in Manchester are taking their first step to becoming a mortgage advisor in this busy region.

Companies setting up offices in Manchester

A few years ago, Media City was created, and the BBC moved a lot of staff from London to this Salford location. In 2018, several high-profile technology companies are opening offices in Manchester. Liverpool is also experiencing a high demand for offices. This has resulted in many employees wanting to relocate to Manchester and the North West and purchase homes.

The Greater Manchester Mayor has prioritised the provision of new homes in Manchester. Developers have announced several town houses and flat developments in the city. The target market for these homes is broad, young professionals, families and older people. This will create more work for estate agents, solicitors and mortgage advisors.

CeMAP training in Manchester

If you live in or near Manchester and you feel that you would like a career in mortgage advice, start by taking a CeMAP training course in the city.

CeMAP stands for ‘Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice’ and is the qualification that all mortgage advisors in the UK are required to have. The course teaches you how to advise clients on house purchases and the diverse types of mortgage products that finance residential property purchases. You will learn about the law and regulations that govern financial lending.

After CeMAP training

There is currently a shortage of mortgage advisors, and as cities like Manchester expand, the demand for mortgages increases. This means that employment prospects after you achieve a CeMAP qualification are good.

Mortgages can be complex, so it’s important that house buyers get clear and transparent advice about their mortgage options, and this is where a mortgage advisor helps.

Your first job will be a junior role where you will be expected to complete various tasks under supervision to obtain Competent Advisor Status (CAS). You will be expected to generate sales leads, gather the information that the lender needs and help your clients complete the mortgage application process.

As you gain experience, you can be promoted to senior advisor. Most seniors have sales targets to meet in order to qualify for bonuses. The basic salary plus bonuses mean that you can earn £50,000 or more.

Learning does not stop after your CeMAP training; continual professional development (CPD) is required. Laws and regulations change, and new products are launched. You will be expected to know about any developments that affect the mortgage industry. You can attend seminars, trade shows and advanced training courses to develop your skills.

Book your CeMAP training in Manchester

Beacon Financial Training CeMAP courses in Manchester take just eight days, split between two four-day intense courses, after which you will be ready to take the CeMAP exams and be on your way to helping people in the North West buy their own homes.



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