Coronavirus hub for advisors set up by Air Group

The industry collective known as Air Group has set up a hub designed to provide mortgage advisors with the latest updates on the coronavirus crisis, as well as resources to help them keep their businesses going during it.

The companies that operate under the umbrella title of Air Group deal with later life and retirement mortgage loans, but the hub is set to be accessible to every company that offers mortgage advice rather than just those that are part of the group. If they choose to make use of it, they will find up-to-the-minute resources and data to enable them to manage their businesses for the duration of the lockdown.

These have been separated into a number of different categories, including frequently asked questions, tools for business support, information, updates to mortgage products and industry news. The chief executive of Air Group, Stuart Wilson, told Mortgage Strategy that the group recognised how challenging the current situation was for mortgage advisors and was keen to assist them as much as possible.

He then stated that they had collaborated with intermediary companies, trade bodies and other relevant organisations to develop the hub, before adding:

“We’ve created this hub for all advisors to utilise, which will be constantly updated and should allow all stakeholders to find relevant information and support in one place.”

Any tools that can help advisors navigate the coronavirus situation are welcome and securing a CeMAP mortgage advisor qualification will ensure they are prepared for when it ends.


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