Everything you need to know about CeMAP training

Becoming a mortgage advisor is certainly a rewarding job. If you like helping people, have good communication skills and want to earn a good salary, then it’s an excellent choice of career.

But you cannot be a mortgage advisor without gaining the relevant qualifications; namely, a Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice, usually known as CeMAP. You need to take a CeMAP course then pass the CeMAP qualification.

There are various ways to study for CeMAP and the time is taken to obtain your qualification depends on the study route you take.

The long road

The CeMAP training is in three parts: modules 1,2 and 3. There are also two exams.

If you are in full-time employment and do not have much spare time, you can take a home study course where you work at your own pace. The length of time it takes to be ready for the exam is flexible. Most people can finish a CeMap course at home in about a month.

The Beacon Financial Training home study course covers all three CeMAP modules and can include tutor support to guide you through the course and provide feedback.

When the home study student feels that they are ready to take the exam, this is then arranged with the examining body – the London Institute of Banking.

The quick route

The quickest way to study for the CeMAP certification is to attend full-time intensive courses. Beacon Financial Training covers module 1 on a five-day course, and another five-day full-time course covers modules 2 and 3.

Students do not necessarily have to do the modules in order; it is perfectly acceptable to do modules 2 and 3 before module 1.

For people in a hurry, it’s possible to do all modules over a two-week (or 10-weekday) period, followed by taking the exam a short time afterwards. For most students, this is too much, so it is recommended that the second intensive course is done a few weeks after the first.

You could spend time reading the LIBF manual before you attend a course, but this is not a necessity.

After you pass

After you have passed the exams and gained your CeMAP certification, you can apply for a position of mortgage advisor. Your first job will probably be a junior position on a modest salary, but if you are successful at your job, the prospects for advancement are good. Senior mortgage advisors are at management level and enjoy a healthy salary, often with decent bonuses.

Start today

Whether you go for the home study or intensive course route, it is possible to be fully qualified for a job as a mortgage advisor in about a month, which compared to many training courses is not long.

If you want to become a mortgage advisor, your first step is to book on a course with Beacon Financial Training. Our expert trainers will do their utmost to make sure that you pass your CeMAP exams the first time.



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