First Time Buyers Need Mortgage Advisors

First-time buyers should currently be able to benefit from the falling house prices, however, several are failing to do so simply because they don’t know where to look.

Many first time buyers believe that they need a 10 – 15 per cent deposit to get a mortgage now, however, that is not the case for everybody.

Those who wish to borrow more than a 90% loan-to-value (LTV) still have 36 direct mortgage deals to choose from, although many would not realise it’s that high.  If you add to that the number of mortgage deals available through mortgage advisors, there is still a surprising amount of choice.

There are also a few 95 per cent mortgage deals available that mortgage advisors will be more than aware of, and with their experience and knowledge of what lenders prefer, they will be able to help first time buyers apply for one of these if necessary.  Such mortgage offers are still available from the likes of the Halifax and Principality, and a couple others.

Those considering CeMAP training courses at the moment will no doubt find that they have fewer mortgage deals to look through at the moment, but their knowledge will be appreciated and the market is always changing.



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