Four steps to becoming a mortgage adviser

Becoming a mortgage adviser is a long journey, but it’s one that can be broken down into four steps:

Step 1 – Decide on a CeMAP course

There are many financial training companies that offer CeMAP training, but Beacon Financial Training has several advantages. Thanks to our expert trainers and course materials, we have a greater than 90% pass rate. If you should fail the first time you take the exams, simply come back to the course for no extra charge until you pass.

There are a number of course options, including full-time or part-time study at home or in a Beacon training centre.

Step 2 – Take the exams

After attending a CeMAP course you need to take the CeMAP exams. There is a lot to know for you to pass the exams. If you’re studying part time, you may need to cut back on your social life for a while until you pass the exams, but it’s worth it!

Step 3 – Develop your skills

You cannot become a mortgage adviser without first passing the CeMAP exams, but this alone may not be enough to walk straight into a job. Employers are looking for other skills.

You must be a good communicator, as a mortgage adviser spends a lot of his or her time talking to and advising clients.

Enthusiasm and motivation are key to the job. You need to be enthusiastic about helping people find the best mortgages.

A mortgage adviser needs to be flexible, as they deal with many different clients who need different mortgage solutions.

Of course, attention to detail is necessary so that mortgage applications are handled accurately, especially when it comes to payment details.. If an adviser is not accurate about the exact interest rate and levels of mortgage repayments, their clients can become confused and, eventually, disillusioned by the way they work.

Step 4 – Apply for and successfully get a job

After passing the CeMAP exam and developing the necessary skills, the final stage to become a mortgage adviser is to land your first job. A candidate can apply for a job in a bank, an estate agent or a mortgage broker.

Beacon Financial Training can help you on all four steps. We will help you decide which of our CeMAP course options is most suitable for you. After intensive study, we will help you pass the CeMAP exams. On your course, you will be developing your skills, including communication and attention to detail. We then provide career help and advice.



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