Handy hints for a successful CeMAP exam result

When you’ve studied all information in each module of a CeMAP training course, your next challenge will be to successfully pass your exam. If you’ve been attentive to your studies and taken the time to fully understand your chosen subject, you may feel prepared to pass, but for those with pre-exam nerves, we’ve compiled some helpful tips for increasing the likelihood of an ideal outcome.

Revising for CeMAP qualification exams

Revision is a crucial part of any exam, but using a structured and methodical approach is advised. Trying to fill your head full of facts and figures the night before you tackle a test is never a wise move.

Instead, draw up a dedicated revision timetable that is realistic and works with your existing commitments. Always include study breaks to ensure you’re revising at optimum. Long hours non-stop without a rest can not only result in you losing focus, but can even hamper your memory retaining information.

Where you revise can also play a role, so select a distraction-free place that gives you peace to concentrate. Remember to pay particular attention to any topic you feel your knowledge may be weaker on and spend some extra hours there when revising until you are more confident.

Preparing your body and mind for your examination

With your exam incoming, ensure you get to bed early and have a quality night’s sleep. When picking your wardrobe for sitting your exam, select clothes you feel relaxed and comfortable in if you can.

Try to keep a positive mental attitude both before and during your CeMAP exam. As someone who has enrolled in a professional CeMAP course like those offered by Beacon Financial Training, you will have undertaken rigorous and high-quality learning, supported by professional tutors. If those who’ve trained you and helped build your skills as a broker expect you to pass, then believe in yourself too and stay focused on success.

Ensure you read all questions correctly

CeMAP exams are made up of several multiple choice questions that you will need to complete on a computer. Don’t let exam jitters impact the way you sit your exam – make sure you take the time to read questions completely. If you fret about time and rush, you may misread questions, leading to simple and avoidable mistakes. Every module has a set time for you to finish it by, so pace yourself.

You may encounter questions that you find difficult or are unsure about. Instead of wasting time rereading them over and over again, tackle the questions you find easier first and return to the others after. One approach for tackling difficult questions can be using the process of elimination. As mentioned, CeMAP exams involve a multiple choice style, which can allow you to narrow the field of potential answers when you exclude the ones that you’re sure are wrong.

Remember, if you don’t receive the result you want from your CeMAP exam, you can retake your course at no extra charge until you pass.


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