Helpdesk introduced by Mortgage Broker Tools

Mortgage Broker Tools (MBT) will be introducing a new helpdesk that will assist mortgage advisors in finding suitable products for clients whose circumstances are more complex and difficult.

This helpdesk will be staffed by a team of people qualified to support advisors when it comes to more difficult mortgage cases and is intended to serve as a complement to the existing online mortgage product research platform MBT Affordability. Any advisor who is a member of MBT will be able to get access to the helpdesk, although they will have to pay a small sum each year in fees.

Mortgage Broker Tools’ CEO Tanya Toumadj, told Financial Reporter that it would provide advisors with a more traditional support service to balance out the cutting edge technology of the MBT Affordability Platform.

She then added:

“The market is changing constantly, adding greater complexity to even straightforward cases. Access to real-time information is more important than ever and platforms like MBT can help brokers navigate the affordability and criteria maze as they carry out their research.”

Toumadj ended by pointing out that some complex mortgage cases will likely be resolved more quickly if advisors have the chance to talk to another human being, but that they were often frustrated in their attempts to do that by lengthy communication waiting times.

The helpdesk staff will be people with over five decades of combined mortgage sector experience.

There is no question that advisors who have completed CeMAP courses would sometimes prefer to talk to someone directly when trying to resolve cases.


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