How a mortgage adviser can help you buy a property

If you are considering buying a house, or moving to a new home, you may be wondering whether you should consider seeking professional assistance from a mortgage adviser. A buyer may think that going to a bank or building society is a relatively simple task which they can accomplish themselves. However, a mortgage adviser does far more than just choose a suitable product.

A mortgage adviser has studied on a CeMAP training course to gain a qualification which is legally required so they can provide advice to borrowers. Mortgage advisers have knowledge of lenders and their criteria for borrowing, which you probably won’t have. An adviser has a duty of care and is obligated to provide the most suitable advice for you, and set out the reasons why. If, at a later date, the advice is proven to have been incorrect, you may be entitled to redress.

A mortgage adviser has access to a lot more products than if you approached a lender directly. An adviser wants to help you get the very best deal possible and will help you calculate the product which is the most affordable option for your circumstances.

Mortgage advisers will provide advice on a range of topics, other than the mortgage itself, including insurances, removal costs and any other advice you require. Finding the most suitable mortgage, insurance and other aspects of buying a house can be a complex process, which is why speaking to an adviser is the best option for many.



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