How can advisors grow their businesses while reducing stress?

Mortgage advisors who are trying to grow their businesses often find that this involves working so many hours that they have little time left to relax. The shift to working from home due to the pandemic has made it easier for work to dominate, so how can advisors avoid burnout without sacrificing their businesses?

Be prepared to be unavailable

This is a time when mortgage advisors are in real demand, and it can be hard to turn down work, but you have to shut yourself off sometimes to serve your existing clients well. Set aside times for concentrated working and have your secretary or switchboard staff handle incoming enquiries.

Embrace working flexibly

Nowadays, potential clients are unlikely to abide by office hours when contacting you, and you should embrace that. If you got your CeMAP qualification through online study, you’ll already be familiar with flexible working, but it’s important to have tasks like call handling outsourced – otherwise, you’ll have to be available at all times, and this will affect your health. Get the right balance and you can build your business while still having time to rest and relax.

Utilise technology

There are website features like live chat that can deal with queries from potential clients, leaving you more time to yourself. Live chat is a very effective way of converting visitors into clients and can save you from exhaustion.

Try these ideas if you want to keep building your business, but not at the expense of your health.


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