How can mortgage advisors maintain focus when homeworking?

Lockdown has made homeworking the standard for mortgage industry workers, including advisors. Whether they are dealing with clients or getting the qualifications they need from a CeMAP training company, most are now doing it from home. So how should focus be maintained in that situation?

A way of mitigating the loss of the structured workday is to make a list every day of what needs to be done. These should be tasks that will provide you with clear evidence of accomplishment and progress that you can measure at the end of the working day, whether it is moving a mortgage application nearer to completion or finishing part of a training module.

You can also prevent days spent working from home from becoming formless by copying some of the rules of office life. Always get properly dressed and sit at a desk to do your work or studying, and set clear start and finish times to the workday. This will focus your mind and stop you from wasting time.

Following the typical office routine when it comes to breaks is also a good idea. Consider taking a shorter coffee break in the mid-morning, followed by a longer one at lunchtime, and keep to that each day. Furthermore, get away from your work completely during those breaks, perhaps by going for a walk, as that will help clear your mind.

If you follow these tips, you should be as effective working from home as you would be in an office or training centre.


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