How can you find the right online training provider?

Much of working life and training has moved online over the past year, thanks to COVID-19, and it is likely that this will prove to be a lasting development – even when the vaccine rolls out. Therefore, many future mortgage advisors will complete their CeMAP courses virtually, and it is important to find a great training provider.

A first step that you can take is to find out about the experience and backgrounds of any instructors who will be teaching you over the internet. A CeMAP training company should be employing instructors who have that qualification and who have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the mortgage industry. This can be a complex and confusing field, and the tutors need to grasp its concepts and be able to explain them clearly to you.

After this, you should try to find out as much about the course as possible. Pick a training course that covers everything you will need in your career as an advisor. CeMAP is divided into three sections, and you should be able to complete all of them with a single training provider. It can also be a good idea to try to find out what the successful completion rate is among students to help you assess the quality of the training provision. Look for one with a pass rate of around 90%.

Finally, some training providers will have links within the industry that can help you launch your career once qualified, which is a key positive to look out for.


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