What are the benefits of online financial training?

Much of the training required to work in the financial services sector has moved online due to the pandemic – for example, the CeMAP course for trainee mortgage advisors. There are some obvious benefits to training in this way, such as greater convenience and more flexible study hours. Other advantages may not be so immediately apparent. We’ve listed some below:

1. Self-discipline

One benefit is that getting your financial training online will improve your self-discipline in a way that attending a real-world training centre cannot. This is because studying at a training centre means that you are in a classroom environment with strict rules, times and structure. By contrast, studying at home online provides you with none of this, which forces you to impose that structure on yourself. This will teach you the ability to motivate and apply yourself while working alone, which are important skills to have once you start your career.

2. Remote working experience

Self-discipline is a crucial skill to possess in 2020, as the pandemic means remote work is fast becoming the norm. This brings us to the second surprising benefit of online training: advance preparation for the way you will operate much of the time once you have qualified.

Many people with long careers within the mortgage industry are currently struggling to adjust to virtual-only contact with colleagues and clients, but if you are entering the industry having done your CeMAP training in this way, you will find maintaining communications and managing your workload much easier.


Studying at Home

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