Paradigm issues new Consumer Duty film and e-book

Paradigm has announced the issuing of the next instalment in its Consumer Duty e-book series, alongside a film that goes into further detail on what is required of mortgage advisors.

The company specialising in mortgage industry compliance matters has been producing a series of e-books and videos covering the subject in depth. The new e-book has the title Life Under the Duty and is intended to help both mortgage advisors and the firms they work with to figure out way of fitting their plans for Consumer Duty into their everyday business operations.

It also contains an examination of the new rules and their implications, as well as things that advisors and companies must do to be compliant now that Consumer Duty is the law.

The film released by Paradigm is the tenth in its series on the subject and has been given the name Living Under the Consumer Duty. It features a discussion between various Paradigm employees, including Mike Allison, the director of protection and Richard Howes, the director of mortgages.

Among the topics are ways in which advisory companies can progress under the new rules, and how they can be helped to adjust to the changes that Consumer Duty has brought. David Ryder from Paradigm stated that the purpose of both the latest book and video are to spotlight things that advisors must be aware of all the time.

Even advisors who have completed the full CeMAP training course can find information of this sort useful, especially when the regulations change.


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