How do you get started as a mortgage advisor?

If you’re seeking a new career in a thriving industry with the potential to earn an impressive salary, becoming a mortgage advisor is an excellent option. With the opportunity to work flexibly for yourself or securely under the protection of an established firm, how you practise can be tailored to your personal preferences.

Successful brokers not only enjoy an exceptional income, but they also often acquire multiple perks along their career paths as their reputations grow, from useful healthcare packages to company cars and expense accounts. Practising mortgage advice can also be incredibly rewarding. Mortgage brokers assist a diverse range of people to realise their dream of owning a home, which means they have a substantial and positive impact on others.

While this might sound like an enviable option for a profession, it all starts with a single step – gaining a respected qualification that entitles you to practise.

CeMAP training

An acronym for Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice, CeMAP is a word you will hear mentioned often if you embark on a career as a broker. CeMAP training courses have been specifically created to give future advisors the background, skills and essential certification they require to practise legally here in the UK.

Accepted by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the qualification is also seen by potential employers as evidence of expertise in the field, and gives confidence to clients that they are in safe hands.

How does CeMAP mortgage advisor training work?

CeMAP learning is divided into three parts that can equip would be advisors with a firm foundation in giving advice, along with whole host of new skills. As individual courses, CeMAP 1, 2 and 3 can be attempted in any order a candidate chooses, although for the most part, students tend to complete them sequentially.

CeMAP studies can be undertaken in a classroom or from home to suit the needs of different delegates, but both approaches benefit from expert tuition given by specialist instructors. Each CeMAP training course concludes with an examination, which will include some multiple-choice questions that are designed to assess the knowledge and understanding of candidates.

How do you find a CeMAP training company to begin your studies?

At Beacon Financial Training, we provide convenient ways for students to train, wherever they are based in the UK. Many of the CeMAP study courses available currently require candidates to travel to training centres located in London, which isn’t always easy for those looking to learn. We have now established CeMAP training facilities in Liverpool and Manchester for would-be brokers in northern England, along with dedicated home-learning classes for those in remote locations.

We offer strong support to those who enrol in our courses, from offering introductions to professional mortgage advice firms to providing continued advice, even when our students are actively practising as qualified brokers. Get in touch today to start learning and take your first step to becoming a certified mortgage advisor here in the UK.


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