Owl Financial committed to advisor recruitment

Owl Financial has announced that it hired another 165 advisors throughout the first half of this year to help it cope with the demand for its protection advice.

The company is the protection advisory specialist for The Openwork Partnership, and it is stating that the level of demand for what it is offering has risen dramatically over the past few months. This is not the only reason why it has embarked on this advisor recruitment drive, however, as there is also a desire to add greater numbers of female advisors to its staff.

Following the moves to bring in more female advisors, roughly 45% of the advisors working for Owl Financial are now women. The company is stating that many do not have experience in financial services but were looking for vacancies that offered a chance at career advancement, as well as flexible working.

Owl Financial Director Liam Richards told Mortgage Introducer that increasing numbers of people were coming to realise that they needed the reassurance of protection, which was leading the company to add more advisors to handle this, adding:

“We are particularly pleased that more women are recognising the opportunities available in financial services and are delighted that our advisors reflect the clients they are supporting.”

Owl Financial currently has over 1,000 advisors and represents more than 350,000 clients in the UK.

One reason so many people are taking CeMAP courses to become mortgage advisors is because of the degree of flexible working and control over their careers that the job offers them.


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