How much is a CeMAP course in London?

CeMAP courses vary widely in terms of cost, but a CeMAP course in London will usually cost a little more. Most people do want to use a CeMAP course rather than the original materials sent out by the IFS School of Finance because most people struggle with this syllabus-like material, so how much should a CeMAP course in London be?

Some London CeMAP courses are priced at £1,000 or more, even though they might last the same five days as a similar course in Manchester or Liverpool but not all of this price increase might be justified.

The London courses tend to cost more because the use of meeting rooms or the rental for office space is understandably higher than elsewhere in the UK but in some cases, they cost more because people in London are less willing to travel and used to paying more for the same service as elsewhere.

Before you spend a small fortune on a London CeMAP course, check for cheaper alternatives – but make sure this does not mean you are compromising on the size of the study group or the quality of the materials.

Wherever you choose to study for your CeMAP qualification, check the background of the firm and its track record – and carefully read the wording of any guarantees and what is included in the fees. Many people choose to take their CeMAP course in London, but that does not mean you should automatically accept substantially higher course fees.



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