What is a reasonable price for a CeMAP course?

Many people choose to study their CeMAP using a specially made course, whether that is home study or attending a course, because the original syllabus materials available from the IFS School of Finance are very difficult to read and study for most people. Yet how you have decided this, how do you determine how much you should pay and if the price quoted is reasonable?

Here is our checklist of factors you should think about when looking for a CeMAP training course:

• Look at how long the company has been operating and ask who would be teaching the course. If the information isn’t available on the website, then speak to a representative of the company and ask
• Check how many people will be on the course with you. If there is just one teacher, then this should be no more than 12 maximum
• Check whether you need to read the syllabus or IFS materials first – you should not need to, or why are you paying for a course?
• Ask about their track record – if you have no previous experience of the mortgages market, then ask how the company deals with this

Some CeMAP courses cost more than £1,000 per course and even more, so if you are looking at this sort of price, check what extra you get for your money. Unless the course is much longer, then this sort of price is unreasonable.



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