Where to find a CeMAP course in Scotland

If you live in Scotland, or if you intend to work as a mortgage advisor in Scotland, then you may find yourself struggling to find a CeMAP company offering courses in Scotland. There are several reasons for this, but there are financial training companies offering this service.

You may or may not be aware, but the law in relation to property in England & Wales is slightly different to that in Scotland so when it comes to mortgage advice-related courses there are a few differences.

Most CeMAP companies only teach their courses in accordance with the law for England and Wales, because there is far greater demand for this service. To cater for Scottish law, they would have to understand the difference and put this into their course materials. When most of their students have no need to know the difference, this increases their costs at what is, in their eyes, a largely unnecessary expense.

However, although they are few and far between there are one or two companies who have adapted their materials to Scottish Law and even teach their CeMAP courses in Scotland as well as other cities throughout the UK. At Beacon Financial Training, we do offer our training courses in Scotland or if someone from Scotland wants to take their CeMAP course in Leeds, for example, or lives in England but intends to work as a mortgage advisor in Scotland, then we can teach the Scottish differences in the same group as normal – there are just some extra materials to be given to the student interested in Scottish law.



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