How to succeed as a mortgage advisor

As a mortgage advisor, you’ll act as a facilitator between a property buyer and prospective lender. You’ll need to understand the field you work in inside and out, and possess a close eye for details. On top of this, you’ll also require certain personal qualities and ways of working that will not only ensure you work effectively, but help you build a successful career in offering advice.

Select a course and study hard

An education in brokering is a must if you wish to practice as an advisor in the United Kingdom. Regulators like the Financial Conduct Authority insist that those acting as brokers must possess a relevant qualification in advising in mortgages. While there are many courses that potential advisors can select from, the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice, or CeMAP, offers comprehensive training designed to brokers in the making on the right path. Providing candidates with not only a grounding in their chosen sector, CeMAP training also equips them with the skills they need, along with letters after their name displaying their expert knowledge to employers and clients.

Keeping current is crucial

A successful mortgage advisor must work proactively. Mortgage brokers don’t operate in a sector that remains static and must constantly revise their knowledge to ensure they can perform their role effectively. The mortgage products available are constantly changing and advisors must make sure they are aware of the latest options available. In an advisory position, brokers must be able to inform their clients of the most suitable solutions that suit their personal requirements.

Advisors must also keep in step with any changes to legislation. UK laws on mortgages and delivering advice on individual products are always subject to change with legislation evolving over time. Having current knowledge will make certain brokers are always acting within legal guidelines and serving their clients’ interests appropriately.

The importance of clear communication

Prosperous mortgage advisors understand that communication is a key factor. Advisors must be able to explain complex products using simple and straightforward language to their clients, so they can fully comprehend their options. While advisors must have the ability to convey information, they should always remember that communication is a two-way street and be excellent listeners, taking the time to understand the individual needs of customers so they can find products that are an ideal match.

The long-term value of honesty and integrity

Like many occupations that involve financial transactions, the position of mortgage advisor is one of trust. To be successful, mortgage brokers must build a positive reputation that is respected by both peers and clients. Ensuring they are always upfront and honest about all aspects of mortgage applications, including additional broker fees will lead to referrals, recommendations, and a prosperous career.

If you are willing to train hard and develop your skills, you will have the potential for a long and fulfilling career. Successful mortgage advisors can enjoy impressive incomes with additional benefits while being able to assist their clients in taking important and exciting steps.


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