How to increase earning potential with a mortgage advisor qualification

One of the challenges for skilled workers across the UK is increasing their earning potential, especially during periods of economic uncertainty. There are many reasons why an individual may not be in a position to increase their income, including apprehension about requesting a raise from an employer, or being in a position with a fixed pay scale for that level of skill and experience. However, there are ways to increase earning potential, and studying for and gaining a professional qualification is one of the most effective.

Employment opportunities

Taking a mortgage advisor qualification online can provide the professional skills required to gain a higher paid position, either within an existing company or by finding a new opportunity. Gaining a professional qualification and some experience in the mortgage industry will increase employability in the financial sector, with the potential to study for further professional qualifications and further career options. As levels of experience increase, salary levels will also rise.

Move to another region in the UK

Relocating to a region where demand for the skills of a mortgage advisor is high may present higher-earning opportunities. Some areas of the UK may have far higher demand for the services of a qualified CeMAP mortgage advisor, particularly London and the South, where property prices are far higher. Although this may not be an option in all cases, relocation to a region where there is a skill shortage could also increase earning potential.

Investing in professional development

Investing in career development will increase earning potential in the longer term. Taking a mortgage advisor course online will provide a skill set that could lead to an increased number of employment opportunities, including self-employment. Gaining qualifications in the financial sector will increase employability. In many cases, gaining a mortgage advisor qualification will lead to promotion within a company, or provide the means to find the position you are looking for elsewhere.

An employer is more likely to take on an individual who has the expertise in their chosen field, while also demonstrating the dedication to invest in their own future, which includes studying for a CeMAP qualification. As you gain professional recognition, you may even find yourself being headhunted.

Although it is possible to find work in the financial sector without a professional qualification, it will not be possible to progress a career as a mortgage advisor, as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requires an individual to be qualified to a professional standard. The pay for someone who isn’t professionally qualified will also be far lower. Investing in further education will lead to higher earning potential.

Become self-employed

Another option for a CeMAP qualified mortgage advisor is to go it alone. Once an individual has gained a mortgage advisor qualification, they will need to gain some experience working as a mortgage advisor, in a bank or building society. Having gained the necessary experience, it will be possible to set up as self-employed.

Career paths don’t always go exactly as we plan, but taking a CeMAP mortgage advisor training course can also help to improve earning potential and create a long-term future career.



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