Industry figure calls for greater advisor awareness

A leading figure within the UK financial industry has called on mortgage advisors to boost their grasp of schemes provided by lenders, private finance firms and the government that can help their clients.

Craig Hall works for LSL Financial Services as its New Homes Director. He has appeared on the podcast Accord Mortgages Growth Series, and during this, he stated that with so many people struggling to find a way of affording to buy a home, advisors need to research the available schemes that are designed to help with that.

Hall went on to point out that the Help to Buy scheme set up by the government would be coming to an end next spring, making it even more vital for people to be aware of the other options that are out there.

According to Mortgage Solutions, he stated that:

“I don’t believe first-time buyers are aware of alternative schemes. There’s a lot of work to be done to really help navigate that with consumers, brokers need to be engaging with lenders, networks, clubs and business development managers (BDM).”

Hall argued that taking the lead on this would show clients that they have the sort of in-depth industry knowledge needed to secure them the right loan.

The Mortgage Guarantee Scheme, First Homes Scheme and Deposit Unlock are among the options that Hall was referring to.

Even after the CeMAP qualification has been secured, learning never really ends for advisors, and it is vital to stay in touch with developments that can assist clients.



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