Integration with Iress announced by Acre

The mortgage and protection platform Acre has announced the decision to integrate its services with Iress Lender Connect, a move that will give mortgage advisors access to several further major lenders.

The solution offered by Acre collects and then checks through all of the information about clients and mortgage cases that advisors need to be able to submit an application. Acre is stating that its integration with Iress Lender Direct will mean that advisors no longer have to input this information more than once for each application or decision in principle (DIP), because Iress supplies that information directly to mortgage lender platforms.

Integrating these two solutions will take away the possibility of advisors making mistakes that can hold up the application process, as well as providing them with a single-click solution for DIPs.

It will also mean that advisors using Acre will be able to access products from big lenders such as Accord Mortgages, Leeds Building Society, Aldermore and the TSB. Iress connects to these various lenders through the use of application programming interface (API) technology.

The founder and chief executive of Acre, Justus Brown, told Mortgage Strategy that cutting edge technology enabled advisors to provide better customer service, before going on to add:

“We’re blending our groundbreaking tech with Iress’s long expertise and central market position to bring the future of mortgage technology to brokers.”

It is true that advisors increasingly look to technology for efficiency and ease, with many starting by using an online CeMAP training company to learn their trade.


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