Mortgage Magic announces mobile app improvements

Mortgage Magic has announced the release of an upgraded version of its app for mobile phones that contains a number of new functions, such as case tracking and identity verification.

This app can be accessed both by mortgage advisors who have subscriptions to the Mortgage Magic platform and by any clients that they have. The new and improved version will enable them to keep an eye on ongoing applications, upload the necessary supporting documents securely and verify the identities of their clients digitally. Mortgage Magic is stating that it expects the app to help with advisor efficiency and make the mortgage process smoother for their clients.

They can deploy it to carry out important legal compliance work on a remote basis using the function for verifying identities digitally, while their clients can follow the progress of their loan applications or speak to the advisor for help using the app.

As a platform for advisors, Mortgage Magic enables them to deal with all parts of their job, including finding suitable loans, protection and insurance, as well as conveyancing.

Mortgage Magic Director Tanjir Sugar told Mortgage Solutions that the platform came about as a consequence of advisors joining forces with specialists in tech tools, adding:

“With Mortgage Magic brokers can spend less time grappling with complicated software or performing arduous admin, and more time doing what they do best – advising their clients.”

That is what people get the CeMAP qualification to do, so solutions that let them focus on the most important part of the job are welcome.


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