Just Mortgages expands advisor homeworking options

Just Mortgages has announced that it is expanding the options for its advisors to work at home, with this now set to be available for employed advisors that have two years or more experience.

The company hires mortgage advisors on both an employed and self-employed basis, and those within the latter group have had the option of homeworking for some time already. Now, this is set to be offered to some of its employed advisors, the majority of whom currently base themselves at branches of the estate agent Spicerhaart located throughout the country.

Just Mortgages has also confirmed that any of its employed advisors who switch to working from their homes will continue to get information about potential clients from people within the estate agents. John Phillips, its National Operations Director, told Mortgage Strategy that it would be welcomed by those who want more control over their working lives.

Phillips then pointed out that many companies and employees had realised the benefits of homeworking as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, before going on to add:

“Work/life balance is crucial in these trying times, and adding the option for brokers to work where they want gives them the flexibility to interact with clients in the most effective manner.”

Phillips concluded by saying that clients of Just Mortgages had responded enthusiastically to their experiences of dealing with remote advisors.

Advisors joining a large firm after completing their CeMAP training will be a more popular choice if other companies follow this lead and offer flexible working options.


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