Just Mortgages launches advisor business development project

Just Mortgages is launching a new project aimed at supporting both its self-employed and employed mortgage advisors to develop plans for tackling business slowdowns.

The brokerage has stated that it will conduct calls with each of its advisors, using either the Microsoft Teams or Zoom video conferencing tool. These calls will be looking at the state of every advisor’s business and providing helpful ideas to enable them to maintain a strong position during the slowdown that is expected as a side effect of the recession.

Among the strategies that are likely to be put to advisors during the calls are deploying customer relationship management (CRM) technology to find gaps in the market that can be exploited. This could potentially enable advisors to find new customers, as well as secure additional work from current customers.

In addition to this, the Just Mortgages advisors will be provided with materials for marketing purposes, that can be used to focus on relevant product areas as well as generating business leads.

Speaking to Mortgage Solutions, John Phillips of Just Mortgages said that it was easy to forget to plan for the future when very busy in the present, adding:

“By offering this initiative to brokers we want to ensure that they put aside some time for this essential forward planning with as much or as little support as they need.”

CeMAP training is just the beginning of the journey for a mortgage advisor and it is important to avoid becoming complacent.


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