Just Mortgages plans advisor recruitment drive

Just Mortgages has announced that is intending to recruit up to 500 further advisors between now and 2024, as it seeks to expand its operations to double its current size.

The brokerage has stated that those advisors it hires as part of this drive will have the option of either becoming full-time employees of Just Mortgages, or of working as self-employed mortgage advisors, depending on how much flexibility and control they wish to have. At the moment, 160 advisors work as employees of the company, while another 345 operate as self-employed under its umbrella.

Just Mortgages hopes to bring in 460 additional self-employed advisors over the course of 2021. Advisors who fall into that category are able to grow their own personal business brands using the training programme set up by the company.

Speaking to Mortgage Solutions about these plans, the Group Operations Director for Just Mortgages, John Phillips, said:

“Most of our mortgage brokers are self-employed and we are growing every month. One of the side effects of the Covid pandemic, in a good way, has been former brokers returning to the mortgage industry.”

Phillips concluded by saying that those coming back to the sector because the pandemic has affected their previous employment were re-entering it at a time when it has rarely been more busy.

Many advisors are likely to jump at the opportunity to link up with a major brokerage such as this, as it is these kinds of career opportunities that lead people to take CeMAP training.


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