Link-up between Stonebridge and MPowered announced

Lender MPowered Mortgages has announced a new link-up with the Stonebridge network of independent mortgage advisors, with this partnership set to come into effect immediately.

It will mean that those advisors who are members of the Stonebridge network will have complete access to the residential mortgage product slate offered by MPowered on behalf of their clients. The products in question include fixed 10, 5 and 2-year loans, with the 85% loan-to-value (LTV) ones recently introduced by MPowered included among them.

The rates for those loans start at 5.39%. They are intended to help those who want to remortgage their house or those wishing to buy to get a mortgage with a maximum valuation of £1,500,000. The valuations for them are conducted at no cost to the borrower.
Speaking to Financial Reporter, MPowered Mortgages distribution director Emma Hollingworth stated that:

“At a time when choice and product flexibility is more important to the consumer than ever, we are thrilled to be partnering with Stonebridge and widening the access to our prime residential mortgage range.”

She went on to say that getting the guidance and support of a mortgage advisor was the best course of action for borrowers given that everything from actual products to rates was becoming more complicated in the current economic circumstances.

It is true that demand for mortgage advice is likely to increase with the market being as turbulent as it is now, which is why demand for CeMAP mortgage advisor training is also liable to go up.


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