Making the most of your Bank Holidays

During the Bank Holidays, a large number of Brits tend to focus on carrying out DIY jobs, some of which will be worthwhile, and others which will end up requiring some professional assistance. By being selective about the types of DIY you tackle, your Bank Holidays could add cost effective improvements, preparing your home before you put it on the market.

Spending a day deep cleaning the carpets in the house could make them look as good as new. It will require some effort to move the furniture, but is definitely worth giving up a day of the holiday.

Make use of the time to clear out the house of all the clutter, hiring a skip if necessary. The garage and loft are other areas of the home which tend to become dumping grounds through the year. Be ruthless and clear out everything, so that you present an uncluttered, tidy home to potential buyers.

Paint the entrance hall of your home, so that potential buyers have a positive first impression of your home. You could also give the front door a clean, and a coat of paint if required. Add a few plant pots around the door to add some cheer.

If you have sufficient time and spare cash, consider changing the handles on cupboard doors, maybe even sanding down and painting them. This will freshen up the kitchen without spending a fortune.

If you are considering selling your home and buying a new house, you may want to spend some time consulting with a CeMAP qualified mortgage adviser.


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