Purplebricks launches mortgage advice company

Purplebricks has announced that it is starting up a new mortgage advice company, set to be named Purplebricks Financial Services, that will provide custom advice from qualified experts.

The digital estate agent has said that there will be thousands of products available to borrowers, along with the high-quality support of qualified mortgage advisors. It has indicated that its new service will be suitable both for those seeking to move from their current home and people trying to buy for the first time. Customers will not have to use Purplebricks to sell or buy to be able to access it.

Speaking to Mortgage Strategy, the chief executive for the estate agents, Helena Marston, stated that getting a mortgage was a major financial commitment. She went on to add that therefore people needed to be able to get professional advice and access to as many lenders as possible to make the right decision.

Marston then pointed out that:

“Mortgages have not been far from the news over recent months with rising interest rates and the cost-of-living crisis making it more challenging for many. Our advisors will work closely with customers to ensure they are getting the deal that’s right for them.”

Purplebricks was started up 10 years ago as an estate agency on the internet and was founded by siblings Kenny and Michael Bruce.

The demand for the CeMAP training courses that must be completed to become a mortgage advisor remains very high because of exciting opportunities within the industry like this one.



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