New crop of advisors hired by Just Mortgages

Mortgage service provider Just Mortgages has announced that it hired a number of new self-employed mortgage advisors last month and has plans for more recruitment before the close of 2019.

The company brought in 20 additional advisors to work within its self-employed department, which took the total number of mortgage brokers that it has working for it on a self-employed basis to 230. This is not the end of the planned recruitment drive either, as Just Mortgages has stated that it is intending to increase that number by another 20 between now and the end of December.

Among the firms that have sought brokers from Just Mortgages’ self-employed roster during the past few months are The Mortgage Branch, Angel & Allsop and Right Choice Mortgages. Miles Wallace from The Mortgage Branch told Mortgage Strategy that being part of the self-employed department for Just Mortgages gives advisors freedom to build their own personal reputations and businesses while also allowing them to benefit from being a member of a team.

This was echoed by Carl Parker, who is a director for Just Mortgages. Parker stated that becoming part of its self-employed department ensured that new advisors could learn from the industry experience of a sales manager, while still being able to control their own futures within the mortgage sector. He explained that the numbers being sought by top companies shows that it works.

This is exciting news for those who are newly trained as a CeMAP mortgage advisor and are preparing to enter the industry.



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