Online advisor platform launched by Keychain

Digital hub Keychain has revealed that it is launching a brand-new online platform that has been designed for both mortgage advisors and the members of the public that they serve.

This platform is intended to make many of the processes involved in applying for a mortgage simpler and quicker to complete. These include putting signatures to client care documents, sharing of relevant files between advisors and clients and finding the necessary information about the loan. Keychain is hoping that it will enable the main communications between potential borrowers and advisors to be carried out in a smoother and more modern fashion.

Tailored workflows are available via this new platform that fit every different form of mortgage transaction, ranging from remortgage deals to purchase ones for those looking to buy a home for the first time.

Keychain was started up by software engineer Ivan Sivukha and economist Jack Rogers. It secured significant financial backing recently through a business accelerator scheme called Geovation that helps to fund digital property companies.

Speaking to Financial Reporter, Rogers stated that:

“We identified a market gap for a software solution that seamlessly integrates into existing ways of working, enabling brokers and their clients to efficiently share the data and documents required for the advice journey.”

He went on to add that this platform would reduce the amount of administrative work for advisors, allowing them to concentrate on offering the best possible guidance.

Advisors want to use their CeMAP course knowledge primarily to assist clients, so will likely welcome this solution.


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