Pepper Money improves phone support for advisors

Pepper Money has announced an improvement to the phone support service it offers its mortgage advisors, which will let them connect more effectively with case owners.

Every advisor who works with Pepper Money is provided with a case owner for each individual mortgage application, with that case owner focused on the completion of it. These case owners are all people who are qualified to deal with underwriting applications, and they are there to serve as a contact for advisors when dealing with any issues that may arise.

Advisors get in touch with these case owners using the telephone contact service offered by Pepper Money, but now, the lender has upgraded this so that when they call the service, advisors can be put through to their dedicated case owner directly.

Pepper Money’s Sales Director, Paul Adams, stated that this easy contact between advisors and case owners was key to what the lender was offering them and customers. He also said that the service helped speed up the processing of mortgage applications by reducing the number of supporting documents needed.

Speaking to Mortgage Introducer, he went on to add:

“Our latest service enhancement simply makes it quicker and easier for brokers to speak directly with their case owner as our telephone service will direct the call to the appropriate person based on the broker providing the final digits of the application reference.”

Advisors are using all their CeMAP training course knowledge to support clients during a busy period right now, so anything that makes that job easier is welcome.


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