Poll shows majority of advisors optimistic about prospects

A new poll of mortgage advisors has found that the overwhelming majority of them have experienced a rise in their levels of confidence about their prospects since the beginning of this year.

This poll was carried out by Masthaven Bank, and the results show that 92% of the advisors it spoke to are optimistic about the upcoming 12 months for their businesses. By comparison, when a similar survey was conducted at the end of last year, 87% of the participating mortgage advisors stated that they felt positive about their business prospects.

Looking at the various reasons for the high levels of advisor confidence, 77% of survey respondents said that they are anticipating a rise in both revenue and client numbers during the next 12 months. Of these, 42% expect that business growth during that period will hit double figures, while a mere 3% of advisors are predicting a decline in their businesses.

A sizeable majority – 88% – indicated that they felt bullish about the overall housing market during the upcoming 12-month period. In comparison, just 71% expressed that view in the survey towards the close of last year.

Masthaven’s Intermediaries Director, Rob Barnard, told Financial Reporter that:

“Broker confidence has climbed even higher since the start of the year, reflecting the current strength of the property market, as well as general optimism surrounding the UK’s vaccine rollout and the easing of lockdown restrictions.”

The popularity of CeMAP mortgage advisor training will only be further increased by figures like the ones in this survey.


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