What are the skills a mortgage broker must have?

If you’re looking to find a new career practising as a mortgage advisor, you’ll find a CeMAP training course the perfect place to begin. The Certificate of Mortgage and Practice has been specifically created to give UK brokers a qualification recognised by the financial regulator, along with a firm foundation in their new chosen role.

As well as learning about the regulations that brokers must adhere to and the mortgage product types available, advisors will also learn new skills. From managing client expectations to helping them complete applications, these are essential abilities for those offering mortgage advice. These aren’t the only skills brokers will need in their new profession, however, and in the next sections, we’ll explore some others that will also be required.

Interpersonal abilities

In a client-facing position, it will come as little surprise that brokers must have exceptional customer service abilities. This means you’ll need to be an excellent communicator, but you’ll also need to have the listening skills to understand your client’s requirements and concerns.

Literacy, numeracy and IT skills

As an advisor dealing with complex financial information, you’ll need a head for figures and the ability to calculate correctly while explaining costs to your clients. Along with mathematical skills, you’ll also need to be able to comprehend details on mortgages and help your clients to clearly understand what is involved in the different options available. From emailing clients and researching products to completing online documents, it’s understandable that strong IT skills are also required from brokers.

Organisational ability

Advisors work to often tight deadlines and schedules while working with multiple clients, so being able to juggle an intensive workload and excellent time-management skills are a necessity.

Personal attributes

While not skills as such, a number of qualities and personal traits are also essential. Brokers must be motivated individuals with the drive to reach targets. To succeed, they will also need a strong interest in the financial and property sector and will need to approach their work in a trustworthy and honest fashion. Client and employer confidentiality are at the core of being a broker, so understanding the importance of discretion is key.

As a practising mortgage advisor, people are counting on you to advise them on transactions involving often the entirety of their financial savings, so it is paramount that you’re always punctual and someone who can be counted on to carry out their role to the letter with a professional attitude.

A CeMAP training company you can count on

At Beacon Financial Training, we specialise in equipping candidates for their new career as a mortgage advisor. We have developed comprehensive courses that are taught by experienced and qualified instructors with a passion for tutoring others. Our policy insists that if you’re not happy with your exam results, you can retake your tests at no extra charge, and even after you’ve passed and become a practising broker, we’re always available to help and support you in your new role.

Get in touch today for full details on our CeMAP learning courses currently available.


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