How to prepare your home for sale

When you are selling your home, it is all too easy to concentrate on the next house that you will be buying, rather than your current property. However, if your home isn’t appealing to others, you won’t be able to sell it, which could lead to you losing your future home.

Consider who you are selling to, so that you can make minor adjustments. For instance, a home which is likely to attract professionals, may have a study rather than a spare bedroom or nursery. Similarly, if families are your target audience, consider a child friendly space.

Try to make your home feel fresh and new, with a coat of paint in a neutral colour. Look at each room as you think a prospective buyer would see it. If you have children, make sure that their toys are all in their correct places and out of sight. Beds should all be made, with fresh linen if possible. If you have animals, you may want to ask a friend or family member to look after them for a few hours.

The garden is a popular area, and is often viewed as another room in the home, with plenty of space to entertain guests. Make sure that the grass is neat and tidy, and that all garden tools are put away. If you are planning to buy another property, you may want to seek advice from a mortgage adviser, as they study on a CeMAP training course to become fully qualified.


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