Promotional package for advisors launched by Just Mortgages

Just Mortgages has introduced a brand-new digital solution for marketing purposes that it is targeting at those working as self-employed advisors.

Described by Just Mortgages as a marketing package, this solution will enable advisors operating on a self-employed basis to gain access to corporate branding tools and will also assist them in creating a unique image for their businesses. Advisors using it will be able to talk directly to marketing professionals from Just Mortgages about what their ambitions and target channels are, as well as how they wish to promote themselves.

After that first meeting, the next stage will see a logo and other parts of an individual brand identity developed, so that each advisor business has a distinct look in the eyes of the public. This stage will also involve the building of social media feeds and a website that aligns with current rules regarding finance industry marketing.

In announcing the launch of this package, Just Mortgages’ Self-Employed Division National Director, Carl Parker, told Mortgage Strategy that:

“This really is a full-service marketing offering for self-employed brokers which offers them unparalleled access to branding and logo development, content creation and social media support.”

Parker went on to say that choosing to sign up for it would help to ensure that these advisors are able to distinguish themselves within a crowded field.

There is no doubt that demand for CeMAP courses and careers as mortgage advisors are high, so being able to promote yourself is crucial to success.


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